Great experience HIFU HighIntensity Focused Ultrasound, Dr Stephen Cho

Great experience – HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Dr Stephen Chow 陳大民醫生

Reviewed 12 Jul 2016

My sagging face and underchin has tightened up after just 1 session of HIFU. The procedure was not painful at all after 20 minutes of numb cream. That is so much different from the Ulthera I did 2 years ago which was a lot more painful. I dont have to yell this time and the whole thing was done at peace and ease!

Dr Stephen Chow gave me an in-depth analysis of the problem and then Yan Chan did the job just nicely. I ll consider dermal fillers next for better results.

From, Dr Stephen Chow 陳大民醫生